Research Group


Graduate Students

Charles Bowman (Ph.D., 2012) "Relationship Between Study Habits
and Student Attitudes Towards Science and Technology

Loraine Snead (M.S. Candidate)

James Rieben (Ph.D., 2010) "An Investigation of the Effects of Relevant Samples and a Comparison of Verification Versus Discovery based Lab Design"


Undergraduate Students

Matt Whitworth (2010)

Tyler Butler (2009-2010)

senior research project: Class, major, clicker use, test grades, and VARK learning preferences in two chemistry courses

Sean Devenny (2009-2010)

senior research project: Gender differences in the use and effectiveness of personal response devices

Shuba Dumpala (2009)

Mina Ramchand (2009)

Kyle Esposito (2008-2009)

senior research project: Are student’s attitudes and conceptual understanding affected by hands-on demonstrations?

Aaron Keating (2008)

Margaret Ciavarelli (2007)

Shivani Joshi (2006)

Dennis Lin (2005 - 2006)

Arend Goodwin (2005 - 2006)


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