The way this works is:
  1. Click the link, and, In the first text box, copy and paste the name of the ability from the that page into it
  2. In the second textbox, enter the name of an artist and the name of one of their albums to generate a name.
  3. Click the button titled "Generate Name" to generate the name of your stand.
  4. The second textbox is there for you to check if the name is correct. You cannot skip this process.
  5. Click the button called "Generate Stand" to generate the Stand's name, ability, and stats in a format suited for the reddit comment box.
Stats rank from A to E; A being the best and E being the worst.

Click the link for your Stand ability.
Enter the name of your ability in this box (e.g. Beam Blade Emission):

Please enter the artist's name and the album you wish to use (e.g. Gorillaz Demon Days):

Expected Name (Press the "Generate Name" button again if its wrong):

Now go forth and Stand Proud!