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American Philosophical Association (Check out the APA Newsletters)
Bjorn's Guide to Philosophy
The Buffalo Ontology Site - Maintained by Barry Smith
Ethics Updates Main Page (excellent, easy to use, Social Philosophy students start here!)
Eastern and Western Philosophy
A Field Guide to Philosophy of the Mind - Italian philosophy web-site for philosophy of mind.
Internet Philosophy Encyclopedia (Focuses on Western philosophers)
Garth Kemmerling's Philosophy pages
The Human Nature Review
International Directory of Online Philosophy Papers
Internet Philosopher- tutorial on Internet Information Skills for Philosophy
Metaphysics By Default
No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed - Public Television Show on Philosophical Issues. This site has video clips discussing philosophical issues.
The Philosopher's Magazine Online
Philosophy News Service
Philosophy Pages' Dictionary of Philosophical Terms
Philosophy Resources on the Net
Philosophy of Science Archive
Philosophy Since the Enlightenment
The Philosophy Site
Practical Moral Philosophy for Lawyers
Richard Lee's Kant Pages
Stanford's Encyclopedia of Philosophy (still developing but already useful)
Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page
The University of Rochester's Philosophy Department (has a puzzles site and links to Episteme - philosophy resources)
Wadsworth Publishing's Philosophy Site: Links to Philosophy Sites, Books, and Jokes

Critical Thinking Resources
Mission Critical: A Critical Thinking Tutorial
The Center for Critical Thinking

Biomedical and Research Ethics

Abortion; Ethics
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Ethics Page
American College of Physicians - ASIM Center for Ethics and Professionalism
American Hospice Foundation: Helpful Articles
American Journal of Bioethics - Online
American Medical Association's Ethics Page
American Nursing Association's Center for Nursing Ethics and Human Rights
American Public Health Association's Code of Ethics
American Psychological Association's Code of Ethics
BMC Medical Ethics - Peer Reviewed Online Journal - The bioethics education network
Center for Disease Control - Contains Health Statistics
Canadian Medical Association Journal's Ethics for Clinicians Series
Codes of Ethics: Illinois Institute of Technology
Ethics Case Consultation Skill Building: Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy
Ethics Connection: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University
Ethics Web Canada
Eugenics History Presentation - Cold Spring Harbor Labs
Genethics.CA - Bryn Williams-Jones' site
Global Reproductive Health Forum @ Harvard
Hastings Center: Includes Full Text Reports of Center's Projects
Health Hippo: Health Care Policy and Regulations (includes managed care ethics, research ethics, bioethics, advance directives, etc.)
The Health Policy Page from Moving Ideas: The Electronic Policy Network
HIPAA - U.S.D.H.H.S. Site on Medical Privacy
British Medical Journal's Collection of Articles on Informed Consent Issues
Innovations in End of Life Care - An online journal on end of life care issues, sponsored by Last Acts (a campaign to improve end-of-life care.
International Association of Bioethics
International Bioethics - UNESCO
International Birth Defects Information Systems: Ethics Bioethics Medical Ethics Resources Page
International Health Policy
International Network for the Definition of Death
International Network for Feminist Approaches to Bioethics
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Maine Humanities Council Page on Literature and Medicine
MCW Bioethics HomePage
National Bioethics Advisory Commission - Clinton Administration
National Library of Medicine Bioethics Database
President's Council on Bioethics - George W. Bush Administration
National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy
NursingWorld - Ethics Statements
Nursing Ethics Network maintained by the Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance
Social Statistics Briefing Room: Health
Sociology of Death and Dying (Contains essays on death, dying, longevity, and immortality.)
Thomas Mayo's List of Law, Medicine & Bioethics Resources
UNESCO's International Bioethics Committee Homepage
UB Center for Clinical Ethics & Humanities in Health Care
UB's Ethics Committee Core Curriculum
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Page
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Institute for Ethics - Advance Directives Page - Sample advance directives, including a Values History form.
University of Pennsylvania's Bioethics Center
University of Toronto's Joint Center for Bioethics (genetics, global bioethics, women's health, end of life, child health, organizational ethics, consent & ethics committee resources)
University of Washington's Medical Ethics Website
Visible Embryo


Research Ethics Focused:

AAAS Program in Science & Policy
Online Ethics Center for Science and Engineering
Committee on Women in Science and Engineering
Ethics in Science
The Great Ape Project
Group Studying the Ethics of Genetic Enhancement Technologies
Human subjects and research ethics
Institute for Laboratory Animal Research
Issues in Science and Technology Online
McGill's Clinical Trials Research Group (ethical issues of clinical trials)
Mentoring in Science and Engineering- Sigma Xi's Mentoring Resources
The National Bioethics Advisory Committee's Statement on Research Involving Persons with Mental Disorders
National Research Council's "Science in the Headlines" Page
Science Controversies On-Line Partnerships in Education
NIH's List of Bioethics Resources on the Web
The NIH Catalyst - Ethics Forum
NIH Office of Biotechnology activities - Informed Consent Guidance
Nuffield Council on Bioethics
Office of Research Integrity
On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research
OLAW - NIH's Page on Animal Research
OHRP - HHS's Office on Human Research Protections
Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturers of America's Principles and Guidelines
The Piltdown Plot (History and information on the Piltdown hoax.)[click here for less graphical entrance]
Roslin Institute, Edinburgh
Research Ethics Resources on the World-Wide Web
Science Ethics Bibliography
Science & Technology Ethics Resources on the Web
Scientists Center for Animal Welfare
University of Virginia's Tuskeegee Study Legacy Exhibition Page
Word Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki


Thomas- Federal Bill Search Database
Boston University's Health Law Department
Legal Engine (good search engine for state and federal law)
Legal Information Institute - Supreme Court Collection
LII's Eye on the Courts:Newsworthy Decisions Available on the Net
Pain and the Law
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Mega Law's Section on Health Law
The Center for Law and the Public's Health
Medical and Public Health Law - Louisiana State University
Pennsylvania Code
Federal Register

Science Fiction Course Tools

Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Anders Sandberg's Transhumanist Resources
Asimov's Science Fiction - on-line version of the sci-fi magazine
Better Humans - news articles, columns (This site is pro-human enhancement.)
Fantasy and Science Fiction - University of Michigan - Some links to Full-Text Stories
Feminist Science Fiction,Fantasy and Utopia
UNBSJ Ward Chipman Library Science Fiction and Fantasy
Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Works - Science Fiction and Fantast Writer's of America Site
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database - Search Engine for SciFi, Fantasy and Horror
The Journal of Evolution and Technology, published by the World Transhumanist Society - Full Text Articles
Locus Magazine Online
Nick Bostrum's Home Page (Philosopher at Yale) - Contains articles on transhumanist ethics
Science fiction and Fantasy Writer's of America - Includes links to some authors' work, as well as writer's tips
Sci-Fi and Philosophy of Mind - Includes a dictionary of Sci-Fi terms
Sci-Fi.Com's Science Fiction Weekly
University of Liverpool - Department of Philosophy's Philosophy at Large Page on Science Fiction - Mega Sci-Fi Links
World Transhumanist Society

Excellent Philosophy Search Tools

Hippias: Use this to search for philosophy web resources
International Directory of On-Line Philosophy Papers (searcheable database of on-line papers by academic philosophers) - Philosophy research database


Alliance for Justice - a national association of environmental, civil rights, mental health, women's, children's and consumer advocacy organizations.
Banned Books On-Line
The File Room - Web Site dedicated to fighting censorship
Cancer Web's On-Line Medical Dictionary
Saundra Lipton's list of Electronic Text Sites (Includes many religion and philosophy texts, as well as some others, available free on-line.)
How to Create a Great Poster
On-Line Books Page - A good source for full-text books on-line.
Tools for College Writing
Free Translation.Com

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