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Health Care Ethics II Winter 2007 - Day
Health Care Ethics II Winter 2007 - Night
Health Technology and Ethical Responsibility, Fall 2006 - Day Class
Health Technology and Ethical Responsibility, Fall 2006 - Night class
Intro to Philosophy (PHIL-101-01)
Social Philosophy (HUSS-105-01
Ethics and Medicine (PHIL-107S-10)
Philosophical Reflections on Human Nature (PHIL-305-01)
Values and the Health Professions (in class version of PHIL-311-10)
Science Fiction:Technology's Imaginative Critic and Muse (HUSS-313S-20)
Critical Thinking (PHIL-325-10)
Public Health Ethics (NURS- 512-01)
Ethics and Research (PHIL-530-01)
Ethics and Animal Research (part of MLAS-535-01)
Ethical Issues in the Health Professions (PHIL-703-01)
Health Care Ethics & Society (PHIL-603-01)

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Ethics Consultation
Philosophy, Bioethics, and Law on the Web

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