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About this site

This site was created by Brian Carpenter as a final project in March of 2007 for INFO 652 (Information Resource Design) at the Drexel iSchool.

Visual poetry is particularly well-suited to the Internet and has been flourishing in this realm for some time now. As a poet who has been interested visual poetry for many years--thanks to friendships with a few such artists--I wanted to create a resource that could provide a more in-depth look at individual visual poets. Stay tuned for an expanded image gallery.

In my commentaries I have done my utmost to simply suggest some ways of thinking of these works as they have occured to me. In no way do I want to impose a definitive approach to these poets' works, nor dissuade others from seeing them in different ways. Care to suggest a different way of talking about these works? Please do so.

I hope this site is at least a little bit useful to some of you who have come upon it. More than that, I hope that it's even a little fun, since that's what always brings me back to vispo.

Please let me know what you think of the site. Suggestions are very much welcome!

Feel free to also visit Aluminum Lake, the new home of Daikusei Productions.

Brian Carpenter with the balloon remnants of his Fluxus perfomance
at the opening for the final 107 Neville exhibition.