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You have arrived at Vispo Guide, an online companion to the world of contemporary visual poetry (vispo).

What is Visual Poetry?

You can think of vispo as poetry that focuses on the look of words and letters before, or instead of, their meaning. Or you can think of it as art that uses the components of written language as a means of exploring visual forms and patterns. Many more definitions and distinctions are possible. But most of all it is the work of visual poets itself that gives the fullest picture of what vispo is and can be.

What is Vispo Guide?

The main goal of Vispo Guide is to provide profiles of contemporary visual poets. These profiles are designed to be useful to those new to visual poetry, as well as those already familiar with it who wish to find out more.

Along these lines, this site also seeks to provide up-to-date resources on the world of visual poetry, especially links to new works by poets featured here. Although the site is starting off with just 4 poets, I hope to expand the breadth of offerings here in the future.

Thank you for using Vispo Guide!