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Warren Grove Range (WGR) is an active air-to-ground gunnery range operated by the 177th Fighter Wing of the New Jersey Air National Guard. Warren Grove Range provides training for pilots, but also works with other branches of the armed forces and with special security units.

Warren Grove Range is not only the largest Air National Guard range in the United States, it is one of the most active in the management of environmental issues. The Department of Defense is required by law to ensure that threatened, endangered and at-risk species are protected and that military activities do not harm populations. Warren Grove Range has a cooperative agreement with Drexel University which makes use of the expertise of members of the Laboratory of Pinelands Research, led by Dr. Walter Bien. Dr. Bien and his students study many aspects of the environment at WGR and make recommendations to military officials on how best to protect both rare and common species inhabiting WGR. Warren Grove Range has won numerous environmental awards during the eleven years of collaboration with Drexel University researchers.

Learn more about the military mission, environmental research, and fire safety procedures at Warren Grove Range.