Global Warming, Biodiversity and Your Future

The purpose of this course is to provide students in all disciplines with an opportunity to obtain up to date scientific information on the effect of global warming in the 21st century. Global warming is well documented and the science that explains it is based on simple physics. Climate change due to human induced global warming is the dominant physical feature affecting changes in the physical environment, ecological systems, and human systems around the world in this century. There are serious biological and social effects that will occur as the earth warms and climate changes. In this course we will explore the physics of global warming, the biological effects of global warming and the consequences of global warming for the students in the class . The course will use NASA satellite data to provide support for the reality of global climate change and will add discussions of the human impacts of climate change (Stern, 2007) so that students will understand the implications of global climate change for society's future allocation of resources. Professional scientists, teachers, engineers and policy makers can only be effective if they are also informed citizens.