About the Program

The NASA "From Earth to the Sky" program is an innovative application of hands on STEM learning experience to increase the awareness about climate change both at the high school and university levels. We successfully integrated a team of faculty with several years of research and teaching experience in global climate change, teachers from the School District of Philadelphia, and two non-profit organizations engaged in global climate change education. We have developed a series of courses in this project, which are:

  1. An undergraduate program at Drexel University, classroom based and online, for general student population interested in Global Warming and their future
  2. A summer program at Drexel University to understand climate change through an innovative partnership between graduate and undergraduate students of Drexel University and high school students from the School District of Philadelphia, PA and Haddonfield, NJ.
  3. A workshop at Drexel University for STEM teachers interested to integrate the issues of global warming and climate change in their high school courses

An extension of these approaches to regional colleges through outreach and e-learning.