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Welcome to the Elefant Laboratory. Our laboratory is focused on understanding the mechanism(s) underlying epigenetic modes of gene control specifically associated with neurogenesis by utilizing a combination of two very different in vivo model systems of Drosophila and rodents in conjunction with an in vitro neural stem cell (NSC) model. We are currently exploring how certain "epigenetic regulators" control neurogenesis as well as investigating their involvement in age related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative disorders previously not known to be epigenetically-linked. We are also developing powerful multicellular models for the screening and identification of epigenetically based pharmacological drugs that can specifically target and modulate these regulators and the neuronal processes they mediate. In addition to providing new biological insight into epigenetic gene control mechanisms underlying neurogenesis, neurodegeneration, and cognitive decline during aging, these studies will be fundamental in exploring the utility of novel epigenetic-based therapeutics to improve healthcare and quality of life in the elderly.