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Flow Data

Flow Cytometry Center

Welcome to the Flow Cytometry Center within the Department of Biology. As a joint effort amongst the faculty, this state of the art piece of equipment provides a vast array of experimentation for your immunology needs. Here, we have the BD Biosciences FACS CANTO I, capable of cell sorting and multiparametric analysis. We are here to help with your sample running and analysis. Schedule your visit today!

News & Updates

The Flow Cytometry Center has now been integrated amongst the Department of Biology Research Cores and now has a place within our website navigation.

The Department of Biology invests in certifying and training Nathan Fried to help with running samples and analyzing data.


Mission Statement

Immunology is a leading field in the biological sciences,
hoping to deliver new insight into a number of diseases. Understanding
how our immune system functions is essential but can be tedious, complex, and expensive.
Here at the Flow Cytometry Center, we hope to alleviate some of the
burdens seen amongst Immunology researchers by providing
state of the art instrumentation and BD certified analytical
consultation. We are here to help in your pursuit
of science.

Center Manager:                                                                Center Director:
Jonathan Bowen                                                                         Barry Ritz