Prairie Technologies Ultima IV

Prairie Technologies Ultima IV

The Ultima IV is a fully automated upright microscope – objectives are above the stage. This configuration is ideal for in vivo imaging of whole specimens. The Ultima IV is equipped with a tunable two-photon excitation laser that allows dual color imaging of CFP/GFP/YFP together with mCherry/TdTomato.

Light Sources

a contrast image of the specimen can be directly observed through the eyepiece
Range of 2-photon excitation: 680-1080 nm

Emission filters:

  • 490-560 nm for CFP/GFP/YFP/Fluo-4
  • 570-620 nm for mCherry/TdTomato


(Magnification / Numerical aperture)

  • 10x/0.5 Dry (Olympus)
  • 20x/1.0 Water (Olympus) → for 2-photon excitation – Working Distance = 2 mm
  • 40x/0.8 Water (Olympus) → for 2-photon excitation – WD = 3.3 mm


Two external non-descanned detectors (a multi-alkali PMT Hamamatsu model R3896 and a GaAsP PMT Hamamatsu model 7422PA-40)

Acquisition software

Prairie View Acquisition Software (Bruker)

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