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Prices and Fees

It is our goal to provide the cheapest possible RNAi resources for your experimental needs. Below you can find our prices for various constructs along with the savings you will receive when purchasing these constructs through us. Each construct ordered will be cultured and consist of 5 growths.

Our Price
Open Biosystems Price
Your Savings!
shRNA construct-pSM2
pSM2 (-) cntrl: Non-Coding
pSM2 (+) cntrl: GFP
pSM2 (+) cntrl: Luciferase
$205.00 each
pSM2 to pGIPz subcloning service
$205.00 for 1 pGIPz construct
pGIPz (-) cntrl: Non-coding
Sequence Confirmation service
Hours of Work!

****Special Spring Sale: BUY 4 CONSTRUCTS, GET THE 5TH FOR FREE!!!****


Note: We are only a resource to distribute the core reagents necessary for RNAi-related experiments. Some of the materials we do not provide are, but not limited to: Arrest-In™ transfection reagent and control reagents that the Resource Center or its laboratory do not carry.