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Description of Reagents

The RNAi Resource Center currently carries the Open Biosystems Expression Arrest©™ shRNAmir library for the HUMAN genome.

All shRNA constructs are cloned into retroviral vectors and carried in a recombinant-deficient E. coli strain. Once ordered, cells with desired constructs will be grown, cultured and provided to the investigator.

To utilize these reagents, investigators will purify the plasmid.

Additionally, the RNAi Resource Center provides a SUB-CLONING service. For a small additional fee, we can take your construct of interest out of the pSM2 vector and put it into the lentivirus vector pGIPz. This will then be cultured and delivered to you as an E. Coli pellet. In addition to this, we can also send your construct out to be confirmed by sequencing. Please allow 2 weeks for this process to be competed.