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Who We Are

The discovery of RNA Interference is having an enormous impact on biomedical research allowing for the identification and functional characterization of genes and proteins involved in normal and disease-related processes. Many researchers are currently, or plan on, using RNAi technology, however there are tremendous financial hurdles that limit the use of this powerful tool (~$300 - $1500 per dsRNA).

Founded in spring of 2005, the Drexel University RNAi Resource Center has purchased and established a university-wide resource that will enable the distribution of human genome RNAi reagents to any Drexel University researcher at a very reduced price as well as provide the necessary technical support to utilize these reagents. This resource does not require any new or complicated experimental techniques, only common and relatively simple techniques that are a daily part of most mammalian biology laboratories at Drexel.

The resources that the Drexel University RNAi Resource Center were made possible by a Drexel University GRID Award and a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health Formula Tobacco Award.

Note: We are only a resource to distribute the core reagents necessary for RNAi-related experiments. Some of the materials we do not provide are, but not limited to: Arrest-In™ transfection reagent and control reagents that the Resource Center or its laboratory do not carry.


Web Seminar

Additionally, when this product was first launched, we performed a series of seminars describing the reagents, Open Biosystems relationship to the product, as well as an introduction to what RNAinterference is.

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