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RNAi Resource Center Instructional Movie Center

Below, you can find links to instructional movies that can explain to you or your student the basics of RNAi technology. This can act as a simple introduction to RNAi technologies. For further information and/or details relating to the methods of RNAi used in our resource center, please contact the manager of the center.

RNA interference (RNAi) Video from nature.com


Flash Animation
(Flash Animation: created by Hammond et al.)
Post-transcriptional Gene Silencing by Double-stranded RNA. Hammond, S.M., Caudy, A.A., Hannon, G.J. (2001) Nature Rev Gen 2: 110-119.


RNAi Slide Show
(Flash Based Slide Show: created by Dr. Dennis Liu 8/18/05)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Web Seminar

Additionally, when this product was first launched, we performed a series of seminars describing the reagents, Open Biosystems relationship to the product, as well as an introduction to what RNAinterference is.

To view the ScreenCast, please visit [...Here...]