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CIC - Rules & Regulations

*Rules and regulations are contained in your USER AGREEMENT.


Oil & Non-Oil Objective Use:

1. Do NOT put any oil on 40X, 20X or 10X objectives.

2. If your sample has oil residue from the 60X and 100X objectives, take it off the microscope stage and clean it with windex before using a 10X, 20X or 40X objective. Ask Jon Bowen in Dr. Spiliotis's lab or Dave in Dr. Marenda's lab for instruction on performing this operation. When your sample is dried and oil free, position it back on the scope to image it with the AIR 10X, 20X or 40X objectives.

3. Do NOT use the same lens paper that you had used to clean oil objectives to wipe air objectives. This will put oil residue on the air objective. Please, immediately discard the lens paper that you wiped a 60X and 100X objective.

4. When you switch from high mag oil objective (100X, 60X) to low mag objectives (10X, 20X, 40X), always lower the nose piece by hitting the esc button. Then clean the 60X and 100X objectives.

5. Please, do NOT drench objectives and stage with oil. Use one drop to carefully dispense oil onto the objective without touching the objective with the plastic dispenser. Because the current dispenser is not very user friendly, it will be transferred to a different container and from now on, you will be using a transfer pipette or a medicine dropper to dispense oil on the objective.

Use of Listserv :

1. In the event of an emergency the need to communicate with all users of the CIC, or adjusting/cancelling a reservation, it is recommended to use the listserv email access (cic-users-l@lists.drexel.edu) All CIC registered Users can email to this list.

2. Messages sent to this list will only be distributed if sending from the email address you used to initially sign up.

3. Messages sent to this list will only be distributed if user approves the message by opening and clicking the approval message link which is automatically sent to you after sending your initial message.