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Cell Imaging Center Reservations

As of 1st of January, 2010, all reservations are made using the FACES scheduling system. To obtain your user account and password for the system, please contact Jon Bowen (jrb53@drexel.edu)

Current Schedules:

- Olympus Fluoview 1000 confocal microscope
- Zeiss AxioObserver 2 microscope
- Olympus IX81 inverted microscope

Reservation Rules:

-Users will only schedule 3 hour maximum time slots between 9am and 6pm M-F. Special exceptions can be made but can only be over-ridden by Nate Fried and Dr. Spiliotis.

-Reservations MUST be made at least 24 hours and no longer than 2 weeks in advance of the intended date and time of use. Exceptions can only be made by Nate Fried and Dr. Spiliotis.

-Members of each lab will make an effort to collectively not exceed 3-4 hours of usage per day between 9am and 6pm M-F. In the event a single lab exceeds this time, they must yield to other labs if need-be so that members from at least 3 labs can be accommodated during the course of a working day.

-Outside the prime hours during the week, reservations are first come, first serve and can exceed the 3 hour time slot.

-Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in temporary or permanent loss of microscope privileges. Non-subscribers will be billed for their scheduled time.

-User MUST contact all CIC users of schedule modifications and cancellations by sending an email to CIC-users-l@lists.drexel.edu. User must remember to approve the email after the initial email is sent out.

-Failure to show up on time (15 minutes within the intended time of use) or to terminate experiments will result in temporary or permanent loss of privilege to use the microscope. If not on time, the previous user has the right to continue his/her experiment and it is his/her prerogative to allow late user to use the microscope.

-Failure to terminate experiments on time (end of intended time of use) or being absent at the end of the scheduled time will result in the incoming user's right to terminate the experiment and log user off the computer.

- IT IS YOUR DUTY to confirm that the user scheduled after you will indeed use the microscope. Under no circumstances, you will walk away from the microscope without personally checking with the next user. If the intended user cannot be found, you must power down the microscope and leave a note stating the exact time that the microscope was shut down.

- During confocal microscope power down, you must leave the fans running for 5 minutes before shutting down. User WILL NOT walk away from fans during this time.

-All instrument failures or emergencies should be immediately reported to Jon Bowen (jrb53@drexel.edu) and Drs. Elias Spiliotis (ets33@drexel.edu) and/or Daniel Marenda (dm562@drexel.edu). If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact your lab's designated "master user".

-All web related issues and reservation service issues may be directed to Jon Bowen (jrb53@drexel.edu)