DASL 132 Electronics of Robotic Systems Course - Summer '09
Lectures are Mondays 9:00-10:00am (Bossone 109)
Lab Wednesday 10:00-11:00am (Bossone 109)

COURSE OBJECTIVE: This course focuses on the concepts behind the electronics of basic robotics systems.  Theories covered will include equations of circuits and circuit components, microcontrollers, and the peripherals to turn the microcontroller into a robotic platform.

This course is meant to teach the basic concepts of the electronics behind robotics platforms.  The course will start out with the basics of circuit diagrams and circuit theory, then dive into the world of microcontrollers, specifically, the ATmega8 ATMEL.  During the 8 weeks of this course, the students will be required to breadboard circuits with the microcontroller, and perform basic tasks with the peripherals of the ATmega8 (ADC, PWM, GPIO).  In the end of the term, there will be a project of building the electronics, and programming the robot (using the knowledge gained from previous summer courses in programming and machining).  The robot circuit board will consist of analog to digital ports (sensor inputs), pulse-width modulation (for motor control), and general purpose input/output for miscellaneous robotics functions. 

The course home page will be updated frequently. Students should habitually view this site, at least weekly. Lesson plans and post-class synopsis are posted for both student preparation and feedback of the material covered. Documents are posted as Adobe PDF files which are viewable with the free Acrobat Reader. You can also use Foxit Reader , a lightweight alternative.

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Lecture 1 - 07/06/09

Lesson Plan: Introduction to electronics and electricity.  This will build upon previous knowledge from the Physics II class. 

Items covered:

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Microcontrollers of possible research include:

Compare these microcontrollers to the ATmega8 (ATMEL) series microcontrollers.  How do they differ? How are they similar?

Click here for a copy of the syllabus [PDF].

Click  here for the lecture 1 presentation [PDF].

Lecture 2 - 7/13/09

Lesson Plan: Introduction to bread-boarding and wire-wrapping.  This lecture will cover the basics of prototyping solder-less circuits.

Items covered:

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Begin to look at and understand the layout of the datasheet, and the structure of the microcontroller.

Lecture 3 - 7/28/09

Lesson Plan: Dive into the software running in the ATmega8

Items covered:

Announcements: Files for this week's lecture can be downloaded here.

Lecture 4 - 8/3/09

Lesson Plan: Start the principles of basic soldering skills and begin the board for the course robot.

Items covered:

Announcements: The schematic for this week, and the electronics board for the robot can be found here.  It is in a PDF format.

Lecture 5 - 8/17/09

Lesson Plan: Go over the basic program structure of how to control the different peripherals for the robot chassis. 

Items covered:

Announcements: The project file for this week can be found here.  It includes all the necessary components to get started with the robot!