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Top 10 Sites in the USA

I composed a list of the 10 places in the United States that I have visited and gotten the most oohs and ahhs. Afterall, life is about how many breaths you take but how many moments that take your breath away! I have driven across the United States twice and there is still so much more to see, but check out my list below:
  1. Utah - Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Parks
  2. Becky's Drive In - Poconos, Pennsylvania
  3. Wildwood, New Jersey
  4. San Francisco, California
  5. New Orleans, Lousiana
  6. Balitmore Inner Harbor - especially American Visionary Museum
  7. Denver and Boulder Colorado - In the summer!
  8. San Antonio, Texas
  9. Yosomite National Park, California
  10. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Honorable mention:
  1. Philadelphia, PA
  2. Universal Studios, California
San Antonio, Texas - Romantic
Just a mere 150 miles or so from the Mexican border, San Antonio has a great atmosphere.  The city is surrounded by the river walk, a man-made attraction which helps stops city floods. It will keep you busy for many hours checking out shops, musicians, restaurants, and natural beauty.  Additionally, you have the Alamo (which in itself is not all that amazing) and a thriving nightlife.  The Mexican food is amongst the best I've ever eaten, and it's cheap too!   If you visit here, venture up north to New Braunfels, TX and do so free river tubing!  It's worth every penny to tub down the river of a melting glacier!

New Orleans, Louisiana - Party Town
Home of the American Mardi Gras (carnivals), New Orleans is a spectacle.  At first you find this town complicated to navigate and a little scary.  After a day you start to feel at home and realize, "Hey, this city isn't so tough to handle after all!"  Of course, Bourbon Street is the hot spot where people are drinking in the streets and having a good time seemingly every day of the year.  The neighborhoods are really crazy, going from beautiful, to horrible, to beautiful ... every few blocks.  There are police cars everywhere, but not intrusively,  so you feel really safe and respected at the same time.  The cajun zydego two-step is the dance of the area, and the music just makes me want to party!  There's great seafood here, try the ACME Oyster House.   I didn't get to do the swamp tour to see some alligators, but I hear it's the best part of the experience. 

Denver, Colorado - Mountains, Energy, Adventure
Denver (Boulder) seems to be one of  the most livable cities in the United States for me. There was a great young population, plenty of tourist entertainment: mountain trips always close by, good Mexican restaurants (Ask about Casa Bonita!!!), cheap public transportation... just beautiful scenery and city feel - not to mention a beautiful state capital!

Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland
A walk along the inner harbor is a beautiful experience in itself. Cool places to stop including a trapese school, a science museum, lots of places to eat, and the Baltimore Aquarium exist along the waterfront. My favorite place along the Inner Harbor is the American Visionary Museum .

Wildwood, New Jersey
Home of free beaches, a long 1.9 mile boardwork, three piers of amusements and lots of children's laughter. I have been going here each summer since I was a little kid. Explore along the coast of the South Jersey shore!

Becky's Drive In - Walnutport, Pennsylvania - Movie Fun!
It may be a bit out of the way or even a bit low class, but going to the drive-in for a double-feature on a summer night is a lot of fun! The Pocono Mountains have lots of hiking and water activities to satisfy your day. When the sun sets, head to Becky's Drive in for some good old classic American fun!

San Francisco - All of the world - art, dining, entertainment
This place is beautiful!  I've been here twice; I plan to go back again!  You walk a few blocks you're in Chinatown, a few more blocks, you're in the Financial Districts, you walk again, and oops, you've entered the hip area of the city. Wow! So many cultures and distinct kinds of things to see here. Plan about two days minimum. It's Fall in Winter and Spring in Summer there. The rolling hills are a bit encumbersome. Do not drive there if possible. I got a parking ticket! 

Utah National Parks - A state of rocky paradises
Although Arches National park is declared the park you cannot miss, in my opinion, it is runner-up to the Bryce Canyon National Park. The arches are beautiful and all the rocks and the trails are beautiful... It's totally beautiful... However, if you don't have much time in Utah... Do Bryce: less tourists and less walking to the main attractions. Zion National Park is another treasure in itself. Visit Utah in your lifetime!

Yosemite National Park, California
This park has some great waterfalls, beautiful rock formations, giant pine cones, beautiful trails and lots of tourists. The sierra mountains are here and they are a sight to see. The picture looks like a painting you would put on your wall. A must see national park!

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
True adventurers go here: not as many of the tourist type. You'll really be standing on top of the world. Check it out. It's great stuff... if you have the lung capacity! Lots of trails and sights so high up on the earth!

Universal Studios: Hollywood, CA
It's worth a visit because it is not anything like a traditional amusement park. Live shows, plenty of live entertainment, and a great way of taking rides to a whole new dimension. The rides have story lines that make you feel like part of a movie. They even have sprinklers that cool you off as you stand in line on hot summer days!  Go HOLLYWOOD magic!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
OK - I live here, so perhaps I'm a little biased about coming to this city!  Philadelphia was the first capital of the United States, hence there's lots of history here about colonial/post-colonial America. Witness the declaration of independence and architecture of colonial Philadelphia. Go to the Franklin Institute for a FUN day at a science museum. Don't miss the Ben Franklin Parkway with all the flags of the world and ascend the steps of our art museum as Rocky once did. Visit Delaware Avenue for an extensive choice of nightlife activities. Want cheap shopping? Visit Franklin Mills Mall for great deals. There are free colonial city tours here! However, you must pay at most museums to enter. Go up in the tower in City Hall before 4 PM to see the city from the top of the statue of William Penn. Go for a drive past Boathouse Row at night and take a romantic walk along the river there during the day. Philadelphia has more square footage of parks then any other city in the United States. If you enjoy parks, be sure to check out Rittenhouse Square and Penn Treaty Park. If you enjoy any ballroom or swing dancing, check out for links to our local venues.
by Allen Rue
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