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Ireland Learn more about me I am standing happy with my arms wide open by the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland

Experience Mutterings

Greetings world! Welcome to my experience web pages. My website explores my experiences through the activities I find most joyful in life: travel, dining and dancing. I also included some of my favorite quotations and meandering thoughts.
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Recently Married

I was married to my beautiful wife Megan on September 9, 2007. Follow this link to follow the fun of my marriage slideshow.

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Jury Duty

People say it isn't fun and a whole heck of a lot of people try to get out of it! I loved it. Follow this link to find out why!

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Life Experiences 2007

I like to summarize some of the joys of my year by sharing a slideshow of my year to the world. Follow this link and I will take you on a walk through my year!
by Allen Rue
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