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Wood Frame System
Typical uses
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Wood Framing can be used to construct a wide range of structures.  It's ease of use allows quick construction and can be accomplished by workers with little experience.  Also, the availability of wood makes it an excellent choice for many builders.  Another key factor is price.  Wood stays relatively inexpensive even when the cost of steel and other building materials increases.  Finally, wood allows designers and builders a large flexibility in shape and size.  Wood can be constructed to match almost any conceivable design!

Residential Construction:

Wood has long been the choice of home builders.  It's ease of construction and flexibility makes it the material of choice.  Since the advent of engineered wood such as I-Joists and pre-engineered trusses, homes can be of almost any size and shape.


A Modern Residential Home Under Construction in Allentown, PA.
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Garger

Commercial Construction:

Commercial buildings that were once constructed of masonry load bearing walls, have seen a shift towards wood frame construction.  You can now find buildings such as restaurants and banks that are made completely of wood frame construction.  The reason for this change is probably due mostly to the cost effectiveness of wood over brick and stone.  Also, the clients can have a building delivered in a much shorter time with less labor cost.


An Arby's Restaurant Under Construction In Allentown, PA.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Garger

Agricultural Construction:

Barns and stables as well as many other farm-related structures are typically seen made by wood framing.  A key factor in this is that the owner can pretty much frame the entire building himself before having to require a slightly larger team to assemble the final project.  Again, cost and time are probably key factors.  The buildings can be constructed cheaper than their steel or masonry counterparts, and they can be completed in a fraction of the time.

A Typical Wood Frame Stable


Hotels & Motels:

Many new motels and low-rise hotels are now being constructed of timber.  Material availability, lower costs, and quicker delivery time are again probably the most prevalent reasons for this choice in building material.  In today's fast tracked world of construction clients expect more for less in a shorter time.  Wood allows this to be possible in comparison to many other material options.


A Wood Frame Motel Under Construction.

Other Uses:

As you can imagine, wood frame designs can be used just about anywhere.  Naturally, as the size of timber increases larger structures can be built.  'Type 4' or 'Heavy Timber' construction encompasses these larger buildings such as old factories, mills, and churches however that is slightly different from the wood frame construction illustrated above.


A Heavy Timber Barn During Demolition In Berks County, PA.
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Garger

Outstanding Usages

Below are a few outstanding contemporary usages of wood structures. All of these we think are good examples of the creativity and craftsmanship in wood frame design.

Solebury School
New Hope, Pennsylvania

Yin Yu Tang House
Salem, Massachusetts



Jackson Meadow
Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota

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