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While there are many benefits to designing with wood, there are also limitations. These limitations include size, warping and deterioration, impurities and infestation which are all described below


Regarding size, both wood size and building size are a limitation in design. Since wood is from trees, there is a limitation on the different sizes of certain types of wood and availability of different types. When designing the size of the building, wood light frame construction is normally used for houses or other low rise buildings. If the size increases, other materials such as concrete and steel, should be incorporated.

Characteristics of Wood

Wood is organic, which makes it very different from many other materials used in structural design and can lead to limitations in design. Wood is subject to weathering due to the climate or infestation due to insects such as termites. Wood can eventually decompose caused by fungi and other microorganisms, resulting in softening loss of strength and weight and often a change in texture and color. In addition, wood can bend and warp normally due to uneven drying during the seasoning process or by a changes in moisture content. It can have impurities such as knots, which can create a weakness in the wood. Also, since wood has directional properties, the grain directions should be kept in consideration to avoid a failure in the wood along its grain.


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