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Quick Intro: Drexel University Information Systems Senior, National Collegiate Scholar, Dean's list 99-01, Unisys Co-op student Read more...

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Projects @ Co-ops & Internships
InfoMan System : Knowledge management, resource sharing , email, & collaboration tool.
Resume Builder : Web based system for creating & maintaining faculty resumes
Tech Showroom : Video playlist authoring for customer reps & online catalog

Projects @ Drexel University
Web Journal System  : Online publishing tool for authors, reviewers & admins analysis using the UML
Order Processing System : Database system to track orders, purchases, & payments
OPEN - Homepage Builder : Software engg Independent study project on the OPEN framework

Sample Graphics & Animation
Graphics : Samples of digital artwork and 3D modeling created with PhotoShop
Animations : A few animations created using 3D Studio MAX
Characters : Some cartoon characters that I created for fun :-)

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