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Statistics & Government Legislation
StatisticsGovernment Legislation


How do I find statistics and government legislation associated with the aging?

The most valuable and up-to-date statistical and demographic information on the aging is available through government sources like the U.S. Census Bureau and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. There are also a myriad of organizations and institutions that advocate on behalf of the aging population of the United States. Resources with an international perspective have also been included.


Americans 55 & Older: A Changing Market (Yntema, 2001)
An analysis of U.S. Census Bureau information organized in ten chapters: Attitudes and Behavior, Education, Health, Housing, Income, labor Force, Living Arrangements, Population, Spending, and Wealth. Focus: determines trends.

Statistical Handbook on Aging Americans (Schick, 1994)
1994 is the latest publication of this comprehensive statistical source on Aging Americans. Worthwhile, hands-on access to demographic, social characteristics, health status, employment, economic conditions, and expenditures for the elderly. Includes limited international statistical comparison.

Developments & Research on Aging: An International Handbook (Palmore, 1993)
International statistics and perspective on aging. Serves as an excellent resource to gain a broader understanding of aging across cultures.

U.S. Census Bureau
The U.S. Census Bureau offers the most up-to-date statistical demographic information available in the United Sates. Researchers in gerontology would, for example, find useful information in population data and concentration of persons 65 or older (thematic map), special reports and briefings like Grandparents as primary Care Givers and the 65 years and Over Population: 2000 Brief

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
The Center for Disease Control offers a wealth of information on preventative measures in fighting disease and injury as well as offering information and statistics on healthy lifestyles for people of all ages. Two areas of interest: Healthy Aging for Older Adults and Health Topic: Elderly Injuries.

Government Legislation

U.S. Senate Special Committee on the Aging
First established in 1961 voted into permanence in 1977, the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging studies issues effecting the aged in our society. While they have no legislative authority, they prove to be influential in consumer, healthcare, social security, long-term care, and tax issues. The site is effectively organized provides a clear concise resource for hearings, legislation tracking, an overview of issues, and useful links.

Administration on Aging
A Federal advocacy agency that works with Federal Agencies, organizations, and the public to provide services and awareness to meet the needs of the elderly and their caregivers. Provides background information on the Older Americans Act, hotlinks to legislation concerning the elderly and other information useful for service professionals and researchers concerned with aging.


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