"When it comes to the future, our task is not to foresee it, but rather to enable it to happen"

Antoine de Saint-Exupery 1900-1944


Armin Darvish

Chaiken's Lab
11305 New College Building
245 N. 15th Street
Philadelphia PA 19102

Email: adarvish[at]drexel[dot]edu

I'm a master student in biomedical engineering at Drexel University. My main research interest includes nanobiotechnology. Particularly, I'm interested in studying design and application of nanomaterials as carriers for anticancers or contrast agents as well as nanobiosensors and lab-on-a-chip systems. Currently I'm working on conjugation of Qunatum Dots (QD) and antibodies for QD-labeled immunoassays.


Nanoinorganics for targeted drug or contrast agent delivery systems


Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs), well known as hydrotalcite-like materials or anionic clays, are a group of inorganics that consist of brucite-like layers in which some divalent cations are replaced by trivalent cations leaving an extra positive charge on the layers. These layers stack on each other keeping exchangeable anions and water molecules within the interlayer space. Owing to the excellent properties including lamellar structure with nanosized interlayer space, positive charge; absorption, storing, carrying and release ability of anions; simple inexpensive synthesis along with low toxicity; these bioceramics have gain much attention in various applications and particularly in biological and medical applications such as drug and gene delivery systems  in the past few years. They have been shown to hold a great potential for applications in medical imaging as carriers for contrast agents or as a contrast agent itself as well.


In my undergraduate thesis research, I worked on designing a new LDH-based nanoinorganic that contained Gadolinium, particularly Mg/Gd LDH. As Gadolinium-containing compounds have widely been used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and neutron capture therapy, such nanoinorganic can be a possible delivery system for pharmaceuticals while a potential contrast agent for MRI. Furthermore, by immobolization of folic acid, as a tumor-targetting agent, on the surface of these nanoinorganics, a potential multifunctional carrier for anticancers was developed. Currently, the ongoing research is under study at Nanobiomaterials Laboratory at Amirkabir University of Tehcnology in Tehran.

SEM images of LDH particles

XRD of the Gd-containing LDH-based nanoinorganic


TEM of the Gd-containing LDH-based nanoinorganic.

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M.Sc. student in Biomedical Engineering
Anticipated Graduation: June 2012

B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering (Biomaterials)
September 2004 – October 2009
Thesis Project: “Synthesis of a gadolinium-containing Layered Double Hydroxide (Mg/Gd/AL-LDH) for application in drug delivery systems”



Bionanotechnology Lab., Drexel University
Abstract: Studying and enhancement of bioconjugation of Quantum Dots in QD-linked assays for detection of cardiac markers (e.g. cTn).
Supervised by: Prof. E. S. Papazoglou

Nanobiomaterials lab., Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran
Abstract: Designing and fabrication of folic-acid mediated targeted drug delivery systems that can be tracked in vivo by MR imaging techniques
Supervised by: Prof. M. Solati-Hashjin

Bioceramics and Nanobiomaterials laboratories, Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran
Abstract: Studying intercalation of different pharmaceutical compounds in the interlayer region of layered nanoinorganics
Supervised by: Prof. M. Solati-Hashjin and Prof. F. Moztarzadeh

Bioceramics laboratory, Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran
Abstract: Studying synthesis methods and characterization (XRD, FTIR, SEM, DTA, TGA) of nanoinorganics
Supervised by: Prof. M. Solati-Hashjin and Prof. F. Moztarzadeh


  • Physics Department, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Teaching Assistant, January 2011 to present

Responsibility:  Teaching recitation classes for different physics courses along with proctoring and grading exams as well as preparing class lists and grade sheets.

  • Tehran Advanced Communication Center (TAC-C), Tehran, Iran 

English Teacher and Web Maintenance, April 2007 to August 2010

Responsibility:  Teaching intermediate and advance English courses as well as designing and maintaining the website of the institute. Teacher of various course levels including general everyday English, advance academic, and IELTS test preparation courses.              

  • Glucocard 01, Tehran, Iran  

Associate training and education specialist, Summer 2009

Responsibility: Training classes for diabetes healthcare providers on glucose biosensors. Instructing training sessions for sales and customer support department. 

  • Chitotech Ltd., Eshtehard, Karaj, Iran 

Internship trainee, Summer 2007

Responsibility: Trained in the quality control department at Chitotech, a leading advanced wound dressing manufacturer in Iran. The training involved GMP regulations as well as European and British standards.