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Sean O'Donnell

Professor of Biodiversity Earth & Environmental Science (BEES)


Professor of Biology

Drexel University

PISB 321, 3245 Chestunt Street, Philadelphia PA 19104


GoogleScholar metrics (4 October 2016)

H-index 29, i-10 index 66, 2887 citations,

101 peer-reviewed research publications


evolutionary neurobiology - social behavior - population biology - community ecology - tropical biology

What's happening in the O'Donnell lab...

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Ethology Ecology Evolution (EEE) lunch weekly meetings


Continuing grants:

Eppley Foundation for Research: Development of human-safe insecticides (with Dr. Daniel Marenda)

Wistar-Morris fund: Stable istope analysis of the role of nutrition in division of labor (with Dr. David Velinsky)

Drexel Venture fund grant: Toward developing erythritol as a human-safe insecticide (with Dr. Daniel Marenda)


Current lab members:

Research associate Susan Bulova, PhD

Graduate (PhD) students Kaitlin Baudier, (BEES PhD candidate) and welcome new fab members fall 2016: Meghan Barrett and Katie Fiocca

Undergraduate researchers: Vishakha Hariawala, Iris Nagai


Research projects:

Neuroanatomy and evolution of social insect brain architecture (termites, paper wasps, and army ants) (Bulova, Hariawala, with Barbara Thorne- Univ. of Maryland)

Non-nutritive sweeteners as insecticides (Baudier, with Dr. Daniel Marenda- Drexel Biology)

Thermal tolerances and thermoregulatory abilities of Neotropical army ants (Baudier, Nagai)

Avian social and ecological interactions in army ant exploitation (Arcilla, DeLeon, Driver)

Life-table models for analyzing division of labor in complex systems (with Dr. Mike O'Connor- Drexel)

Biomechanics and evolution of ant larvae (Baudier, with Drexel Materials Engineers Caroline Schauer and Marjorie Kiechel)

Pheromone chemistry of army ants with Bob Vander Meer (USDA/ARS, Gainesville)

Population genetics of the army ant Eciton burchellii (with Tom Soare and Kerry Naish of UWashington)


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