Am I that bored?    

Existing Gun Setup:

  1. Model 98 Body
  2. ElectroPneumatic Kit
  3. Ans Gen-X 2 Regulator
  4. Lapco Bigshot Barrel (14")
  5. 12v Revvy (x-board)
  6. Model 98 Powerfeed
  7. CO2 through remote line









The answer is yes, that and I am a paintball fanatic, I enjoy war without the actual death... a little pain and some paint make for a good time!

So what am I doing with my gun? I love Model 98's, I started out with a Model 98 Custom as my first gun, and I upgraded slowly, but never really went far. I ended up selling it and investing in the gun you see to the left side. It's great, just missing the customizability of a Custom body as well as a few mods, and do you know how hard it is to hide with a silver gun!?!

I currently have a few weeks off from paintball playing and I decided to give my gun some much needed love, and in the meantime, develop a website to display my work in progress. Any beginners wishing to discuss paintballing or paintball gun modding, customizing, or repairing can post to the message board.

Wanna play? If you are in the Philadelphia area, you can contact me or others that may be using the message boards, I am always looking for someone new to play with. Make a day of it!!





New Gun Setup:

  1. Model 98 Custom Camo Body
  2. ElectroPneumatic Kit
  3. Ans Gen-X 2 Regulator
  4. Low Pressure Kit
  5. Lapco Bigshot Barrel (14")
  6. 32 Degrees Clear Grips
  7. Stainless Steel Screw Set
  8. Toxic Performance Chrome Double Trigger and Guard
  9. 12v Revvy (x-board)
  10. Model 98 Powerfeed
  11. 88/4500 Nitro Tank





Old Pics:

  • Just the gun
  • Gun with equipment
  • Full paintball outfitting

We live in Philadelphia and we are paintball challenged, where can we play?

There are a few good fields around the Philadelphia area without having to drive far... some I have played at:


New Pics:



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