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Tax Information For U.S. Citizens In Korea

For years, U.S. citizens living in Korea have puzzled over a series of pertinent economic queries, often receiving little or no assistance from their employers. The language and cultural barriers of this fascinatingly complex land further distort the already murky procedure. In response, this website strives for clarity and simplicity by providing pertinent and timely information. This website attempts to decipher the complicated procedure that is the tax structure of the American living in Korea.


This website will address taxes as they occur in the following categories:

General Overview of Tax Concerns for U.S. Citizens living in Korea.

This section will provide information explaining how Korean tax is calculated and legal issues surrounding the Korean tax system. Korean taxation reflects the particular social concerns of the nation. Click here to develop a broader understanding of how value systems affect every aspect of society, including taxation.

Filing U.S. Income Tax

This section will provide information for American planning to file their income taxes as international residents. Forms, filing instructions, restrictions, and useful links are provided to clarify the process. Regardless of intent, failure to file income tax while living overseas is an offense. Click here to avoid the unpleasantries of an audit from the IRS.

Deductions and Tax Percentages

Information is provided here which serves to illustrate the brass tacks of Korean taxation: deductions, tax brackets, tax percentages, and what that all means to your net, rather than gross, pay. Click here to find out where it all goes.

National Pension

Korea's equivalent of Social Security, the National Pension represents a significant portion of your monthly tax deduction. Unless you plan on retiring in the Republic of Korea, American citizens are able to reclaim their National Pension deductions when leaving the Republic of Korea. Information provided will detail the bilateral treaties affecting the National Pension, as well as specific instructions for reclaiming your funds. Click here to begin the process of reclaiming your National Pension.

Useful Contact Information

This information is appropriately titled because it does provide useful contact information for the National Tax Service of Korea (NTS), the Internal Revenue Service of the United States (IRS), the National Pension Organization, as well as related links and physical addresses. Further contact information is provided for American citizens living in Korea outside the specific sphere of taxation.