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Finding and holding down a job are key to achieving and maintaining financial independence.  Whether you want a job so that you'll have cash for the weekend or to save up for something really big (like a car or college), these resources will help you find the right job.  In the Job Banks section, you'll find resources for finding career-oriented internships, fun summer jobs, or hourly jobs that will help you earn cash during the school year. Of course, finding a job opening is only part of the job search process; check out the resources on resume building, interviewing skills, and career interest assessment.


 And don't forget to look at the info on volunteering. Volunteering can help you explore career goals and add significant experience to your resume while giving back to your community. 

How to Write Resume


How to Write a Resume & Find a Job


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Online Resources


Writing Your First Resume


In this article brought to you by About.com, a member of the Professional Resume Writers Association teaches you how to write your first resume. Includes information on researching job postings, customizing your resume, and how to design it to get noticed. There are also links to resume writing resources, including sample resumes.


Job Search for Teens, Students and College Grads http://jobsearch.about.com/od/teenstudentgrad/

Check out About.com’s extensive job, internship and career resources for teenagers, students and grads. This page contains information on the job search skills including how to write a resume, fill out a job application, and manage a job interview.  There are also links to teen job sites, entry level jobs sites, internships and summer jobs.


Quintessential Careers


Quintessential Careers offers excellent tools and resources to teens on the entire job seeking process.  You can find advice on how to assess your skills and interests, how to prepare a resume, and how to interview, all geared to teens.  The site also offers some unique job websites geared to teens.   A must-read for all teen job-seekers




Teen Dream Jobs : How to Get the Job You Really Want Now!

Coon, Nora. Beyond Words Publishing, 2003.

“A high school freshman shares insights, practical information, and resources on conducting a job search and profiles other young people, from twelve to seventeen years old, who have found their dream jobs.” publisher description


Complete Idiot's Guide to Cool Jobs for Teens

Ireland, Susan. Alpha Publishing, 2001. 

“Will show you exactly how to find and keep a job. Whether you want to work after school, over the summer, or both, you’ll earn the money you need and get valuable work experience.” – publisher description


Job Smarts

O’Neill, Lucy. Children’s Press, 2002.

A guide to determining one’s own skills and career goals, finding helpful resources, writing a cover letter and resume, and interviewing for what could be – or lead to – a dream job.


A Teen's Guide to Finding a Job

Vernon, Naomi. AuthorHouse, 2003.

“This book provides an introduction to the job search process and how to choose an occupation according to personality traits.”

Job Banks


Links to Job Banks

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Online Resources


Writing Your First Resume


In this article brought to you by About.com, a member of the Professional Resume Writers Association teaches you how to write your first resume. Includes information on researching job postings, customizing your resume, and how to design it to get noticed. There are also links to resume writing resources, including sample resumes.




“Get a summer job in Yellowstone, Yosemite, or another national park. Find a summer job as a camp counselor. Ski resorts, ranches, theme parks, tour companies and more are waiting for you.” Ideal for teens who want to be outdoors or explore the country!




A database of seasonal and part-time job opportunities, including some internships; perfect for summer teen jobs. Searchable by location or keyword.




A great site for teens looking for hourly or part-time work. This site is particularly useful for those teens looking for a job during the school year. Supports zip code searches.




Monster.com’s site specializing in jobs and internships for college students; includes resume building tools geared to college students. Even if you are not in college, this site is worth checking for high-level summer internships. Check out the parent site, www.monster.com for jobs targeted to a more general audience.


U.S. Government Student Jobs 


Did you know the federal government has summer jobs, internships and other short term jobs for college students? While this site is geared to college students, ambitious teens may find a rewarding internship through this site. The site also has valuable career related information, such as skills assessment test.


State of New Jersey Employment Information


Use this New Jersey government website to find entry level jobs, government jobs, internships and summer jobs in New Jersey, including the Philadelphia metro area. Offers access to job banks, classified ads, job search sites, and federal government job listings.


Yahoo! HotJobs


Find jobs in your area with this major job search site. Search by type of job and by location (city, state or zip code). You can also browse by job category.


Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News CareerBuilder


Search hundreds of jobs throughout the Philadelphia region and South Jersey in The Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News’ CareerBuilder site. Just click on “Find a Job” to enter CareerBuilder. You can search for jobs by keyword or job category.





The Back Door Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures : Internships, Extraordinary Experiences, Seasonal Jobs, Volunteering, & Work Abroad

Landes, Michael. Ten Speed Press, 2005.

"A comprehensive resource for off-the-beaten-path work-and-learn adventures. Each of the 1,00-plus entries includes URLs, detailed information on what you’ll be doing, and specific first steps to take to get involved." —publisher description


Internships 2005

Orem, Fern, Heinz, Greg & Wagner, L.A, (Eds.). Thompson Peterson’s, 2004.

This book is a listing of nearly 50,000 paid and unpaid internships in government, nonprofit organizations and corporations in the United States and abroad. You can search by career, location, and your academic requirements. For high school and college students.




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Online Resources




SERVEnet.org is the premier website on service and volunteering, geared primarily to young adults. Users can enter their zip code, city, state, skills, interests, and availability and be matched with organizations needing help. SERVEnet is also a place to search for calendar events, job openings, service news, recommended books, and best practices.


Serve Your World


A guide to volunteering abroad, including overseas volunteer opportunities for summer and spring break.


NTRB Service Learning Projects

http://www.ntrbonline.org/english/archiveindex.html  - Select “Service Learning” for list of service learning projects

Try one of the NEFE Teen Resource Bureau’s Service Learning Projects, or come up with your own. In a Service Learning Project, you will learn some aspect of money management, you will serve your community, and you can get school credit. Oh, and it looks good on your resume.




Complete Idiot’s Guide to Volunteering for Teens

Gralla, Preston. Alpha, 2001.

Provides tips on finding the right volunteer position to suit your own interests and experience.


Interns & volunteers: giving and getting back.

Castle Works, PBS Video. (2000). Inc., (800) 343-5540.  

Segment of PBS’ weekly teen show, In the Mix, showing how volunteering enriches teens’ lives.




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Online Resources


Understanding Taxes: an IRS Tutorial for Teens www.irs.gov/app/understandingTaxes/index.jsp 

Wondering why one-third of your paycheck seems to have disappeared? Empower yourself with the IRS’ online class for teens, Understanding Taxes. Know what taxes you should be paying and why!


IRS Forms and Calculators


Go to the Internal Revenue Service’s homepage for tax forms such as your W-4.  You can also use the IRS’ online calculator to determine how many allowances to take on your W-4.



Teenworkers: Rules & Safety

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Online Resources




The Department of Labor explains the child labor laws- what jobs you can do at what age, and how many hours you can work.


OSHA's TeenWorkers


Did you know that every year 70 teens are killed on the job in the US? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s develops rules to keep teens safe on the job, and campaigns to increase safety awareness.  Check out this section on teenworker’ job safety.  Know your rights and responsibilities as a young worker. 


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